Sights to See

Obviously you would not be able to visit everything Mallorca has to offer so we’ve decided to compile a list with five must-see places for you to visit during your holiday:


DSC_0524Formentor represents a peninsula that goes all the way to the northernmost point of Mallorca and counts with breathtaking landscapes and a lovely lighthouse situated on the coastal edge. The Formentor peninsula and it’s points of interest can also be visited during winter, however it’s highly recommended that you visit it when the weather is fine. It’s highly common to meet wild goats on the road that goes to the Formentor Lighthouse and thus one should drive with care.


DSC_0853.jpgValldemossa is known as the most touristic town of Mallorca and it’s full of historical and cultural heritage. Valldemossa was home of the Polish composer Frédéric Chopin and his mistress Aurore Dupin among others. Being pretty close to Palma, Valldemossa counts with good bus connections. Besides the beautiful views and specific Majorcan countryside atmosphere one can also find activities such as hikes, cycling, rock climbing, golfing, and horseback riding that are available in the near vicinity.

Palma Cathedral (La Seu)

DSC_0111.jpgThe Cathedral of Santa Maria in Palma, locally known as La Seu was built ina Gothic style. It’s construction started in 1229 under the reign of king James I of Aragon and finished nearly 400 years later in 1601. The cathedral was built atop of the former citadel of the Roman city of Palmaria (Palma) and faces the Mediterranean Sea. In 1901 when a complete restoration project was ongoing Antoni Gaudí was asked to take over the project and 13 years later after an argument with the contractor, Gaudí’s project was abandoned, but some of his ideas were already implemented and maintained.

Porto Cristo

DSC_0545.jpgPorto Cristo is a small city situated on the east coast of Mallorca which counts with a lovely marina from where one can go on sea trips. Nearby the marina there’s also a wide beach where one can relax and practice a series of water sports. Before being turned into an important travel resort, Porto Cristo (translated Port of Christ) was a small fishing town. Nearby Porto Cristo one can visit the most popular caves in Mallorca, Cuevas del Drach (Dragon’s Caves), along with other sites that include a safari zoo and an aquarium.

Caló des Moro

DSC_0766According to all reputable travel guides, the beach of Calò des Moro is the best and most beautiful beach in Mallorca. And to tell you the truth after visiting it twice we can conclude that the beach of Calò des Moro stands by it’s reputationSituated in the far south-east part of Mallorca this beach in particular is pretty difficult to find, but in the end the breathtaking landscapes and crystal clear waters are worth the hassle. As the beach does not count with any services except maybe an improvised parking it’s highly recommended to go prepared.

We hope that you will find all these recommendation useful and that you’ll enjoy your stay in Mallorca.