About Mallorca

Mallorca is the largest island of the four inhabited islands that make the Balearic Archipelago. Palma (pictured above) is the capital city of the island of Mallorca, but also the capital of the Balearic Islands.

The island of Mallorca occupies an area of 3,640.11 km2 and it’s highest peak is Puig Major situated 1,445 meters above sea level.

With a pretty stable population of 859,289 residents and a density of 240.45 /km2 Mallorca is divided into 53 municipalities, most with coastal line and wonderful beaches.

Mallorca can be reached either by the sea through frequent daily ferries or by air from the mainland to the Son Sant Joan airport which has direct links to all of the major European airports including periods that are outside the summer season.

Three major speedways connect the capital of Palma with the north, south and easternmost parts. The rest of the roads are well maintained and the good infrastructure makes it easy to reach any location pretty fast.


Reasons to choose Mallorca

If the 332 officially recognized beaches with crystal clear waters isn’t a reason good enough to come to Mallorca here’s a couple more.

  • Friendly environment. The locals in Mallorca are well accustomed to having foreigners come for visit and thus all of them are friendly, warm and welcoming.
  • Active nightlife. Mallorca has some of the best night clubs in the world.
  • History, culture & traditions. Everywhere you’d go you will find a place of historic value, a cultural heritage or a display of majorcan traditions.
  • Mediterranean cuisine. Regardless where you go in Mallorca it’s pretty common to find a restaurant that offers typical Majorcan and Mediterranean meals and drinks and at a fairly cheap price.
  • Rural accommodation. If you hate the city and the noise as much as we do then don’t worry because in Mallorca you will find plenty of rural hotels and agro-touristic stay in’s to  choose from.
  • Solutions for everyone. Whether you’re traveling with kids, pets, the same sex partner or seeking a nudist/naturist friendly resort then Mallorca is the right place for you.
  • Good prices, quality services. Why pay extra just because the rich an famous do that? Mallorca offers cheap travel and upmost quality so that all activities are affordable to everyone.
  • Safety. The Balearics have always been a safe travel destination and due to the strict policies and intense police presence the island of Mallorca is a safe place to spend your holiday.

If you’re still not convinced then go ahead and check out the galleries we’ve uploaded with aerial, land and underwater footage.