Foguero Boiets de Foc – Vilafranca de Bonany (March 2015)

Foguero Boiets de Foc – Vilafranca de Bonany (March 2015)

The “fogueros” are traditional majorcan barbecue gatherings usually held on religious holidays. Throughout the years these gatherings have become tourist attractions especially because of the entertainment activities organized by the locals.

At such gatherings a large number of the local population takes part and there is no age limit. The entertainment may include traditional dances, concerts from local artists and bands, art and photography expositions and demon shows.

The Boiets de Foc represents the group of demons from Vilafranca de Bonany and their role is to entertain both tourists and locals with a show of fire and fireworks twice a year. First in March with the occasion of the spring equinox and then again in early August with the occasion of the celebration for the patron saint of Vilafranca de Bonany.

The photos in the gallery below were taken with the occasion of the spring equinox in March 2015 and show both the entertainment activities made by the youngsters of drum school Vilatukada Jove and the demons from Boiets de Foc.

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