Cala Torta & Surroundings

Cala Torta & Surroundings

Cala Torta is one of the many virgin beaches of Mallorca, situated on the north-east coast of the island in the municipality of Artà. While being situated approximately 10 kilometers from Artà, Cala Torta can be reached by following a road bordered by wild landscape with steep rocky ridges and almost no signs of civilizations.

Also known as s’Aduaia, the Cala Torta area is preferred by locals for it’s crystal clear waters and breathtaking landscapes. Due to it’s positioning and surroundings the Cala Torta area is also a favorite place for families and divers.

Bordered by two high rocky ridges, the Cala Torta area is neighbored at the south by Cala Mesquida and at the north by Cala Estreta. Both neighboring beaches can be reached after a small hike across the rocky landscape. Although not officially supported or endorsed, nudism is pretty common on all three beaches most probably due to the low volume of tourists and difficulty in reaching them.

In the gallery below we’ve compiled a series of photos with the Cala Torta beach and it’s surrounding areas:

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