Cala Gat, a small beach with attitude

Cala Gat, a small beach with attitude

Cala Gat is a small beach situated in the municipality of Capdepera, and it’s situated at the south of the Capdepera Lighthouse.

This beach, although fairly small is pretty well maintained and full of tourists during the summer due to it’s facilities. Parking spots may be pretty difficult to find during peak season, but overall this beach is a must see.

Thanks to the sidewalk built by the authorities, one can take a ride on the bike or a walk all the way from the beach of Cala Moll, across Cala Rajada marina, to Cala Gat and further to Cala Agulla.

We managed to capture the beauty of Cala Gat and part of the sidewalk on a spring morning and compiled the gallery below:

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