Caló d’en Busquets – Cala Figuera

Caló d’en Busquets – Cala Figuera

Caló d’en Busquets represents a small marina which together with Caló d’en Boira makes Cala Figuera of Santanyi.

The fishermen houses built on the edge of the marina along with the typical Mediterranean architecture make Caló d’en Busquets look like a dream place to visit.

While most of the boats are traditional majorcan “llaüts” which are owned by local fishermen, there has been a wide interest from foreigners which have relocated to Cala Figuera and docked their boars and yachts there.

Both Caló d’en Busquets and Caló d’en Boira are perfect for taking a relaxing and memorable afternoon walk.

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