The breathtaking landscape of Cala Figuera

The breathtaking landscape of Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera is an urban settlement which is part of the Santanyi county in Mallorca.

This settlement counts with a beautiful marina surrounded by rocky ridges and a pine tree forest. Although due to it’s positioning and landscape Cala Figuera does not actually have a beach, right next to the marina there is a recognized bathing area which is not guarded or attended in any way.

Although the water appears to be fairly deep, one can climb down from the rocky ridges through a series of stairs carved in the rock and enjoy the deep crystal clear waters.

On the northern ridge near the medieval defense tower of Beu which dates back to the sixteen century the authorities installed a navy radar (one of 4 in Mallorca) in order to monitor the south eastern coast of the island for migrant boats, drug traffickers and other threats.

Although it wasn’t too sunny, we managed to capture the beauty of Cala Figuera:

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