The best beach in Mallorca – Calo des Moro

The best beach in Mallorca – Calo des Moro

Throughout all tourist guides and tops, Calo des Moro is listed as the best beach in Mallorca due to the clear crystal water and lack of any seaweed. It is also considered a great beach due to the landscape and breathtaking aerial.

The difficulty of the terrain along with the lack of any services and increased volume of occupancy makes Calo des Moro a beach without any official quality standards being recognized, yet the simple fact that it’s one of the latest virgin beaches of the Mediterranean make it unique.

While situated south of Cala Llombards, the Calo des Moro beach can only be reached from a remote road going from Es Llombards to Cala S’Almonia. Last, but not least it’s worth mentioning that Calo des Moro is the place in Mallorca where you’ll find much more selfie sticks and GoPro camera’s than anywhere else.

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