A trip to Coll Baix

Coll Baix is a pristine beach situated in the north of the island of Mallorca. It’s probably the hardest beach to reach in Mallorca due to the fact that it’s highly inaccessible.

To get there you have to walk for kilometers across a forest of pine trees and as you get closer to the beach it gets more and more difficult. There are no specific maps or pointers to indicate the correct path so to reach the beach you will have to follow your instincts and go amongst the ready made paths available. Once you go out of the forest and reach the coastal line you’ll have to take a very steep and dangerous path across some huge rocks that have tumbled over due to the heavy erosion.

If you have the courage and dexterity to do it you’ll find yourself on the beach of Coll Baix which is approximately 250 meters long and 75 meters wide and is made of a mixture of sand and shingle. It’s water color is milky turquoise and it gets very deep right nearby the beach. There are areas with heavy currents and since it’s an unguarded beach you should never go to far away from the shore.

Due to it’s characteristics and low occupation throughout the entire summer season it’s a beach preferred by nudists.

Here’s a small gallery with the trip to the beach of Coll Baix, through the pine forest and downhill on the steep path then across the rocky ridge all the way to the beach:

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