Vilafranca de Bonany aerial photos

Vilafranca de Bonany aerial photos

The municipality of Vilafranca de Bonany lies approximately 10km to the west of the industrial town of Manacor, on the main road from Palma, and is situated in the central Es Pla district of the island. Statistics taken from the Consell de Mallorca show that the population of the area has slowly been expanding from around 2,518 in 2002 and reaching 2,908 in 2009, although of these less than 500 are recorded as being non Spanish residents.

The community here is a very rural one and is most well known for its melons and brickworks, although it also grows an assortment of other dry-irrigation crops and has done so for thousands of years. The landscape of the area is very flat and the economy of the village is still largely derived from agriculture. As you drive through the village you will often see vegetables hanging outside some of the shops, such as aubergines, tomatoes, garlic and peppers.

The patron saint of Vilafranca de Bonany is Santa Barbara and you can see a carving of her, holding a tower in her hand, on the doors of the 18th Century church in the town. This is also the tower that is depicted on the coat of arms of the village and on the flag. Although built in the 18th Century, the church has been extensively renovated, and at some point in the last 300 or so years a square bell tower was added.


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